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Quick Tip

12.10 orginally shipped with Nautilus 3.2 however I have found this somewhat buggy. I used this article to update Nautilus to 3.6. A small note, the odd number realeases like 3.5 are considered unstable so my advice would be to keep a even number release for the most compatability. Since the upgrade. Nautilus hasn't crashed. I have a 12.10 64 bit. I will leave the link for those who wish to look into it

Who am I?

Why do you care!? Eh. I figured this was better than making my first post a JOB WANTED poster....

I am neither vegetable nor mineral yet both and more...

Uh... I'm a family guy... loved Bart then realized I've always been Homer... ;-)

Ubuntu... yes please... Debian servers everywhere... Slackware gets love too... redhat derivitives ah 5.2 5.4 *6.0*...

VMware... ESX on well spec'd hardware... Virtualbox... anywhere and everywhere... Cloud... well ... it's out there...


Words For The Taking

Hello Everybody,

I missed the blessing of IRC chats. Yep, I have been MIA but stayed in a Ubuntu state of mind. Most of my efforts is taking the culture of open source.

I took some much deserved pride in posting my PGP key in launchpad. I know, for there are people that has long past there teething and it might not mean that much anymore. This was my first solo attempt to do discover the complexities of Ubuntu. Gotta be honest here, most of my motivation is bragging rights. I love to get underneath the hood of an O/S. Ubuntu has been my greatest frustation but my greatest accomplishment. I think it's part of the indoctrination. I lost about 3 days of sleep and a lot of google and you tube. On the 3rd day, it suddenly clicked and it didn't get it from just once.


Monitor Services with Nagios on Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid)

I found this howto for installing Nagios on Linode and thought I'd share it after using it to successfully install and configure Nagios.

Author: Amanda Folson
Published: May 26, 2010

Nagios is a flexible monitoring system framework that makes it possible to maintain consistent monitoring of a broad range of infrastructural components. Many users use Nagios to monitor a broad range of network services over protocols that include SMTP and POP3 (email), HTTP (web), ICMP (ping), and SSH. In addition to simple uptime monitoring, Nagios also contains features for advanced notification and graphing as well as an extensible plugin architecture that allows users to develop simple plugins for accessing unique monitoring information and providing customized reports.


Ubuntu 10.04 LTS CDs are now available.

Hey everyone,

I was late in ordering our 10.04 CDs but they arrived today. If you want/need Ubuntu/Kubuntu/ and/or Server CDs please respond to this email with your Name and shipping address. It would also be nice if you could help with the cost of shipping as it will cost me to send them to you. In the PHX valley they will be available free at upcoming Installfest and PLUG east side meeting and east side Stammtische.

Scott Gwin

scott_ev goes up for Ubuntu Membership

Hey all,

I am finally scheduled to go in front of the ubuntu Membership Board on Tuesday 6th at 13:00 AZ time in #ubuntu-meeting. It would be great if you would show your support by attending this meeting and showing me your support. You can help my chances of being granted membership on the first try by editing my wiki and adding an endorsement for membership. This will also show you a little about the process of getting yourself ready to apply for Ubuntu membership yourself.


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